Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
3604134 Advanced Sales Engineering 2.0 2
Description Advanced Sales Engineering: Continuation of the semester, after basic training course and after a semester, in this advanced course, add: Six Sigma (Six Sigma), TPS (Toyota Production System), the use of "Job Coach Act - Leadership Skills." in business management team, sophisticated management capabilities enable students to business areas, and strengthen student work methods and substantive areas of expertise in, so that in their future careers, more confidence and ability to face market challenges. Teaching this course is as follows: 1. For practical market, the key factors affecting the success of the ad hoc sales, use IPECC PMP project management framework, so that engineers can have a good business strategy, complete the sales task. 2. The use of "Job Coach Act - Leadership Skills," to lead the sales team, increase cohesion within the team, to create a sales success. 3. To teach and analyze "Six Sigma (Six Sigma)" theoretical framework, the use of this architecture is the way