Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
3604133 Sales Engineering 2.0 2
Description Sales Engineering: This course enables students to understand the technology industry, marketing department, through the structure of how the business works, efficient technology products in the global market. Through this course, students can make an increase in the substantive areas of cognitive science and technology product sales, attitude and professional ability. It will help them to add more confidence in their future career and face the market challenges. Teaching this course is as follows: 1. For practice market, the key factors affecting the success of the sale, a systematic discussion of teaching. 2. Strengthen the theoretical framework of sales and marketing combined with practical skills, so that in the sale of theoretical guidance, to create a sales success. 3. From top sales experts view to teach and analyze the thinking and working methods to enable students through group discussion and imitation, quickly copy the successful experience. 4. To study classic sales tec