Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
3604132 Circuit Design, Test and Debug 3.0 3
Description This is a design for the "integration implementation" course (iLAB). The course consists of the following: (1) Use C / C + + to calculate and set the value of circuit components; (2) Use SPICE to perform DC operating point, Transient Analysis, AC Analysis, DC Sweep, DC Transfer, Noise, FFT Spectrum Analysis, and other point analysis to show that the circuit is feasibile; (3) Layout the circuit and solder to the prototype board; (4) Use PC / Analog Discovery Module on the circuit board to perform experiments to test and debug and compare results obtained via SPICE for comparison. The course is designed in addition to three hours of weekly lecture, recitation, demonstrations and discussions, to provide each student an Analog Discovery and teaching materials for students outside the classroom requiring approximately 8 to12 hours per week outside the classroom. Approximately 12 projects in addition to homework as well as midterm and final exam to test aptitude and covered material wi