Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
3604131 From Innovation to Entrepreneurship Project 3.0 3
Description This is an advanced course in Patent Application and Protection. The objective is to help students become familiar with innovation and Commercialization through innovation project. Commercialization is a process that translates the ideas, creativity, innovation and new findings into a marketable product or service. It increases the competitiveness of the campus and engaged in R & D and entrepreneurs are most in need of knowledge. There are many good ideas happened, if we have data base to collect all the innovation, It will to be value material in enterprise innovation. Through product innovation, process innovation and marketing innovation, It will bring high value to students and rises its competing ability. From "Patent Application and Protection" classes, we find many students have many good ideas, If we can give them more advanced knowledge to use such ideas, It will benefit them success in establish an enterprise or assistant students to participate the competition held by NSC an