Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
3604116 Development of global perspective: Thai language and culture 2.0 2
Description In south-east Asia, Thailand is a very important centre of transportation. Taiwan and Thailand have profound relationship to each other, there are many Taiwanese go to Thailand for traveling and investing, even get a job and become resident after retired, and Taiwan businessman has become a big investor just less than America and Japan. Meanwhile, there are many Thais work and travel in Taiwan. According to the statistic of Thailand Economics and Culture office of Taipei, Thai laborers have been higher than 120,000 in Taiwan in past years. With the closed relationship, we should learn through "language", which is a golden-key for cultural experience, moreover in thought, history, politics, economics aspects. From this course, you could learn more about Thai basic language and Thai literally, included consonants, vowels, grammar, syntax, listening, reading, speaking, and etc. In addition, culture, history, custom, and so on are the fundamental topics.