Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
3603062 Digital System Design Lab. 1.0 3
Description 1.Properties and function tests of logic gates. 2. Implementations of and designs of basic logic circuits using ICs. 3.Algorithms for the optimization of combinational logic circuits. 4.Programmable logic devices. 5.VLSI design of combinational logic circuits. 6.Multi-layer logic circuits using MSI and standard circuit elements. 7.Gate array design. 8.Sequential Logic components. 9.Analysis and synthesis of sequential Logic circuits. 10. Technologies of VLSI design and test. 11. CAD software tools. 12.Basic logic gate experiments. 13.Combinational logic experiments. 14. Adder and subtractor experiments. 15. Combinational logic application experiments. 16. Flip-flop experiments. 17. Sequential circuit application experiments.