Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
3502014 Principles of Polymer Physics 2.0 2
Description This course is designed to make students theroughly understand the problems related to polymer physics. The main content will include two major topics:(I)Amorphous Polymer(II)Crystalline Polymer. The detailed items included in the course are: (I) Amorphous Polymer (a) Random-Walk Theory for Chain Configuration (b) Chain Conformation and Movements (c) Polymer Thermodynamics (d) Free Volume Theory (including the study on Tg ,Tú\,Tú],Tú^íKetc.) (e) WLF Master Curve (II)Crystalline Polymer (a) Unit Cell Analysis (b) Polymer Crystallinity and Orientation Measurement (c) Effect of Crystallinity on Mechanical, Dielectrical, and Thermal Properties of Polymeric Materials (d) Solution Crystals vs. Melt Crystals (e) Thermal Induced Nucleation vs. Stress Induced Nucleation.