Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
3404122 Civil Engineering Capstone Course 4.0 8
Description The course is designed as the one in which all courses in the undergraduate program in the Department of Civil Engineering can be finally integrated. The aim is to help students integrate knowledge learned from the fundamental and advanced courses and to evaluate the performance of students based on the core abilities required in the program. Students can accomplish engineering practice design or project in a form of team work based on their specific interests, and can present their results. This training can strengthen the development of professional knowledge and skills of students to attain the program educational objectives and to meet the needs for engineering practice. The engineering practice design or project in this course include: (1) Structural and material engineering practice design or project (2) Geotechnical engineering practice design or project (3) Construction management practice design or project (4) Ecological engineering and disaster prevention practice design