Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
3403038 Rock Mechanics 3.0 3
Description Rock mechanics is a truly interdisciplinary subject,with applications in geology and geophysics,mining petroleum.and civil engineering.It is composed of a body of knowledge of the mechanical properties of rocks,various techniques for the analysis of rock stresses under some imposed perturbation,a set of established principles expressing rock mass response to load,and a logical scheme for applying these notions and techniques to real physical problems.It relates to energy recovery and development,construction of transportation,water resources and defense facilities,construction of nuclear waste,prediction of earthquakes and many other activities of greatest importance. The course will cover the basic theory and applications with the rock mechanics in this semester. It is organized into three parts:basic concepts,properties of rocks,and applications of rock engineering. The specific course content properties of rocks,and aapplications of rock engineering.