Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
3403023 Civil Engineering Software Training 2.0 40
Description A 320-hoursíŽ training course is developed to accommodate the summer practice program within 8 weeks, 6 hours lectures a week. Software are included to cover most of the disciplines: 1.Structure: Will focus on building analysis and design software ETABS. Issues including basic model setup, static and dynamic analysis, modal analysis, seismic loading are expected as well as demonstrated with a real case of school building. Some extra examples will be provided for further practice. 2.Geotechnical Engineering: PLAXIS 2D is the finite element analysis software used for slope. Students are required to adopt a site of slope or deep excavation as examples from which the soil mechanics parameter are determined. The model based on the example case will be examined and discussed through the PLAXIS 2DíŽs computation. 3.Photogrammetry & LiDAR in UAV: Students will use point cloud as a basis to identify the 3D vector model by using software ContextCapture. Select any building in NTUT as a dem