Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
3402039 Engineering Design Drawing Reading Practice 3.0 3
Description To improve undergraduate civil engineering students to understand the design drawings reading ability. This course provides a set of design drawings, such as building, structural, civil and MEP design drawings, for instructors to explain the meaning of the design drawing, and guide the students to read the related drawings. The course also includes practical exercise for students to read the drawings, and to understand the information in the drawings. The course will also involves the knowledge of engineering to enhance the integration ability of all the design drawings for the students. The contents of this course are listed as below: 1.To familiar with the whole set design drawings. 2.To familiar with the meaning of symbols, lines and expression in the design drawings. 3.To understand general notes, general drawings, reinforcement and specification in structural design drawings. 4.How to inspect the construction quality by the design drawings. 5.Other topics about labor-safety