Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
3324161 Interface engineering 3.0 3
Description Interfacial phenomena focuses on the atoms and molecules at the surface and interface. Due to the significant different environment at the surface, the energy and reactivity of the atoms and molecules at the surface are different to that in the bulk phase. This issue is particular important in the field of nanotechnology. Interface engineering provides the important tool in the related study. In the surface and colloidal system, two aspects are important, namely thermodynamic and kinetic. Since thermodynamic always leads lower energy system, kinetic tool can prolong the process, which can be utilized for emerging applications. The outline of this course includes: 1. Surface and interface: general concepts 2. Intermolecular forces 3. Electrostatic forces 4. Double layer theory 5. Solid surface 6. Liquid/liquid interface 7. Colloidal stability