Course Description

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Description This course of Engineering Geology is designed as an upper-division course for undergraduate geology majors and graduate students, with an emphasis on construction or environmental concerns. Also enrolled are civil engineers with a background in geology and those who are interested in geologic applications to construction. The course builds on a basic knowledge of geology by relating geology to engineering fundamentals and construction concepts. The topics of this course include 1.Origin and development of the earth, 2.Introduction to the Engineering Geology, 3.Elements of Rock and Soil Mechanics, 4.Engineering properties of rocks, 5.The environmental factors of the Engineering Geology, 6.The weak planes in the rock body, 7.The environmental factors of the Engineering Geology, 6.Geologic hazards, 7.The rock mass classification and rating, 8.Landslides, subsidence, and slope stability, 9.Site investigation, 10.Case study in the Engineering Geology