Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
3322107 Minerals & Rocks lab. 2.0 3
Description Introduce students about minerals and rocks composition, fabric, physical and chemical properties , observation and identify the basic knowledge. They include: physical properties of minerals, chemical properties of minerals ,minerals observed (identification and record) (Native elements minerals, Sulfides and Sulfosalts minerals, Oxides and Hydroxides minerals, Halides minerals, Carbonates minerals, Sulphates and Nitrates minerals, Nesosilicates and Sorosilicates minerals, Cyclosilicates and Inosilicates minerals, Phyllosilicates and Tectosilicates minerals), the main rock-forming minerals introduction, Igneous rocks observed (identification and record), Sedimentary rocks observed (identification and record), Metamorphic rocks observed (identification and record), rock and mineral thin section preparation and observation.