Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
3321009 Geology (I) 3.0 3
Description Geology is a study of the planet Earth. It is concerned with the origin of the planet, the material and morphology of the Earth, and its history and present forms. Contents include : science and the world we live in, a view of the earth, the dynamic earth, materials of the earth's crust (atom and minerals), igneous rocks (volcanic and plutonic), sedimentary rocks, pages of earth history, tectonic features (folds and faults), life as a fuel maker (coal and oil), salt domes, metamorphism and metamorphic rocks, igneous intrusions, volcanoes and their products, dating and pages of earth history, rock weathering and soils, surface erosion and landscape slopes, the work of rivers, development of river systems and associated landscapes, underground water, glaciers and glaciation, ice ages and climate change, wind action and desert landscapes.