Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
3314135 Composite Materials 3.0 3
Description The course includes the following items: 1.The basic knowledge of composite materials such as composite materials, composite process and composite structure and tissue, the dynamics property of composite materials. 2.The introduction of all kinds of composite materials, such as the principle and application of reinforced composite material of carbon-fiber. 3.The application of composite materials at the most advanced area.The composite materials approximately can be classified into polymer base composite material, metal base composite material, ceramic base composite material, and fibre composite material. The fiber composite material can be selected as reinforced parts according to strength, toughness and cost requirement, such as glassfiber, boronfiber, carbonfiber, organic fiber, ceramic fiber, metal fiber.The above-mentioned manufacturing method, interface structure, mechanical property, application, microdynamics, macrodynamics, strength, fracture, fatigue and design are all the c