Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
3313169 Vacuum Technology and application 3.0 3
Description The objectives of this course are to introduce the basic concepts of vacuum, the various applications of vacuum technology, the types and principles of vacuum pumps, the fundamentals of vacuum gauges, and the operation of vacuum systems. The first part will introduce the fundamental of vacuum and its application in the material and other fields, including vacuum induction melting, vacuum sintering, vacuum heat treatment, evaporation, sputtering, etc. The second part will explain the types and principles of vacuum pumps, including mechanical pump, roots pump, diffusion pump, turbomolecular pump, ion pump, etc. The third part will demonstrate the types and principles of vacuum gauges, including capacitance gauge, thermal conductivity gauge, spinning rotor gauge, ion gauge, etc. The fourth part will introduce the vacuum systems and illustrate how to get low vacuum, medium vacuum, high vacuum, and ultrahigh vacuum.