Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
3302007 Applied Mechanics-statics 3.0 3
Description The major target of this course is to let the engineering students develop and analyze any questions with an easy and logical way, and to try to solve them with some well-recognized fundamental principles. The course can be divided into particle dynamics and rigid body dynamics, the latter can be further divided into statics and dynamics. Apart from introducing the fundamental concept and law, it also explains and forecasts all kinds of nature physic phenomenon, in order to establish a good foundation for engineering application science. It provides methods for students to analyze and design all kinds of machine elements, bearing load structure as well, the course content will introduce some implified math models which are based on fundamental principles, and further analyze and design all conditions to the structure , let students have a safe and exact concept in choosing and utilizing materials, so that the theory and experience can be well matched, and the problems arisen from hand.