Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
3105167 Graduate On-Site Research 3.0 18
Description The main purpose of this course is to promote an all-round ability for the graduate students at NTUT. During either the regular semester term or the summer/winter break, graduate students are required to go to the organizations or agencies with respect to their individual research topics and future development by undergoing the on site research. The students are urged to take an active part in the training programs as well as observe and emulate the genuine research and development operations in respective manufacturers. The course takers will need to stay in the same individual organization or agency with an accumulated amount of time of no less than 320 hours (during the regular semester term and/or the summer/winter break). After the students finish the requirements in question, these organizations and agencies will offer them certificates -- or proof of any kind -- in accordance with the real performance on site.