Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
3105057 CTI and Network Communication 3.0 3
Description Exp.1: CTI H/W Install, Call In/Out Process Exp.2: DTMF Detection, Exp.3: Automatic Record/Play Machine Exp.4: I-Phone with Speech Coding(u-Law PCM,64kbps) Exp.5: I-Phone with Speech Coding(G.729, CS-ACELP, 8kbps) Exp.6: Internet Packet Traffic Analysis, (Speech Packet Loss/Delay Statistic) Exp.7: I-Phone with Speech Compensation(Sequence No. + Speech Recover) Exp.8: CTI-Based Text-to-Speech Exp.9: CTI-Based Email-Reader Exp.10: CTI-Based News Reader Exp.11: CTI-Based Speech Recognition Exp.12: IVR System Development