Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
3105056 Advanced and Application on DSP 3.0 3
Description Exp.1: C5X DSK Setting and Testing Exp.2: C5X Multiply and Adder Instruction Parallel Exp.3: C5X Circle Addressing Exp.4: C5X Bit-Reverse Addressing Exp.5: C5X Interrupt and Timer Exp.6: C5X DSK Record and Play Exp.7: C5X DSK IIR Filter Design Exp.8: C5X C Program Design and Debug Exp.9: C5X C Program for Interrupt and Record/Play Exp.10:C5X C Program for LPC Vocoder Exp.11: Data Communication Between PC and DSK Exp.12: Web's Data for C5X DSK