Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
3104800 Corporate Finance Theory and Practice 3.0 3
Description 【Course Plan】 Course Objective: The main purpose which enterprises manage, lie in choosing to help enterprises to deal in the basic management topic , and to the relevant key element of enterprise's competitiveness, build and construct the basic important document of the competition advantage , in order to reach enterprise's operations objective. Course Outline: Importance of Management Setting-up for Strategy Cooperation and Competition Business Model Valuation models of equity securities Valuation models of debt securities Capital structure theories Valuation of investment project Text & Reference Material: (1) Ross,Thompson, Christensen, Westerfield and Jordon, 2004,"Fundamentals of Corporate Finance," 3rd ed.,McGraw Hill (2) 謝劍平,財務管理--新觀念與本土化,智勝 (3) 李吉仁、陳振祥,2004,企業概論︰本質、系統、應用, 第二版,台北︰華泰文化出版公司 (4) Bartlett, Christopher A.; Sumantra Ghoshal; and Julian Birkinshaw. 2003. Transnational Management: Text, Cases,