Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
3104119 Power Electronic Technologies for Offshore Wind Farms 3.0 3
Description Due to the offshore wind farm policy of Taiwanˇ¦s government, cultivation of talent of the offshore wind farm technologies has become the primary target. The main purpose of this course is providing knowledge of power electronics technologies for offshore wind farms. In order to transfer the wind power energy to the grid, an ac-dc converter integrated with a dc-ac inverter is necessary. The front-end ac-dc converter will convert the variable ac voltage to dc voltage while the dc-ac inverter will connect to the grid as well as convert the dc voltage to constant frequency ac voltage. Main topics of this course will be: (1) Introduction of this course, (2) Introduction of power conversion devices and energy storage systems, (3) Dc-dc power conversion technologies and devices, (4) Ac-dc power conversion technologies and devices, (5) Specifications and technologies of the energy storage system, (6) Introduction of the dc-ac inverter, (7) Circuit topologies of the dc-ac inverter, (8) Control