Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
3101096 Basic Circuit Theory Laboratory (I) 1.0 3
Description This elective course is open during summer vacation for those who take the high school teacher education grogram on electrical and automatic control subjects. This course is designed to make students understand the characteristics and practical design considerations of circuits by experiments. In addition, this course can be taken as the university preparation course for the freshmen of electrical engineering department, who was graduated from high school without technical background. The topics of this course include: 1.Learn to understand and classify basic electrical components 2.Learn to understand and use the multi-meter 3.Learn to measure the internal impedances of meters and extend their measurement ranges 4.Learn to use the dc power supply 5.Basic circuit theory - dc circuit laboratory 6.Learn to use the signal generator and scope 7.Learn to analyze the transient and steady states of RC circuits 8.Learn to analyze the serial and parallel resonant circuits