Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
3004903 The Standard Certification of European Union Engineering 1.0 1
Description The purpose of the lecture focuses on the regulations required for European market. The verification and certification are needed before the products are imported into European market. Based on the fundamental knowledge including welding technique, non-destructive testing, and materials properties, the members will understand some demands for pressure equipment in European market. The goals of this lecture are following; (1) A survey of the pressure equipment industry in USA, European committee and China. (2) The difference of the material demands between ASME in USA and PMA in European committee. (3) Introduction to the commandments of European committee. (expending to electronics and medical treatment. (4) The requirement for welding process writing and qualification. (5) The difference of the non-destructive testing between ASNT in USA and BINDT in European committee. With the practical explanation of the pressure equipment, the design, manufacturing and tests are the main