Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
3004107 Nuclear Reactor Engineering 3.0 3
Description This lecture will mainly covers the thermal-hydraulics and safety analyses and the modern methods for reliability and risk assessment for nuclear power plants (NPPs). Thermal hydraulics and safety analyses will covers: design of fission reactors; energy conversion in nuclear power systems; fluid flow system, thermal and structural analysis of reactor core and plant components; thermal-hydraulic analysis of accidents in nuclear power plants. The weakness of nuclear power plants can be identified through the PRA technology. Therefore, the safety feature of the associated SSCs (Structures, Systems, and Components) will be improved. Course content will cover basic concept of probability, random variables and distribution functions, applications to the reliability assessment of components, event-tree and fault-tree analysis, uncertainty analysis and its propagation, etc. Examples and applications in nuclear plants, risk control, spent-fuel problems, etc. be addressed as well.