Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
3003113 Special subjects for intelligent factory 1.0 3
Description This course is based on the intelligent manufacturing system education factory which is an unmanned and turn off the light factory. The intelligent factory is completely built by ourselves and is the only one self-built factory in Taiwanese universities. Building the intelligent factory is cooperated with SRAM, a global bicycle parts manufacturer, and their director Jacky Lin is our technical consultant. The intelligent manufacturing system has seven areas, central server, reception, automatic warehouse, manufacturing, measuring, on-line quality control, and assembly. In process, we receive the raw materials and scanned by QR code scanner. After scanned, the raw materials are transported to the warehouse and wait for producing order. If the producing order received, the raw materials will be sent through all seven machines, where a finished component will be manufactured. One component from that batch will be sent to measuring area for complete quality control and the remaining compone