Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
3003075 Electromagnetism 3.0 3
Description 1.Electricity: Electric field, potential, Coulomb force, Resistivity, current, superconductivity, point discharge, electric dipole, electric polarization,dielectric, dielectric materials, piezoelectricity, piezoelectric materials, scanning electron microscope and scanning tunneling microscope (SEM & STM), electrostatic shielding. 2.Magnetics: Biot-Savart Law, magnetic flux, motion of a charged particle in magnetic field, Hall effect, Gauss meter, Mass spectrometer, magnetic dipole, Hysteresis, magnetic materials, magnetic circuit, superconducting materials and devices, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), magnetic shielding. 3.Electromagnetic fields and waves: Electromagnetic induction, eddy currents, electromagnetic waves, polarization, reflection and refraction, wave guides, microwave filters, antenna, wireless communications, electromagnetic shielding.