Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
3003068 Softwares for Mechanical Engineering 3.0 3
Description The course is to systematically introduce application software packages to mechanical engineering students. In order to offer more options to the interested students, there are several packages are included in the course. And, different packages may be taught in different semesters or in different class. The software packages include the following categories: (1) Math: MATLAB, Mathematica, Macyma, etc. (2) CAE: ANSYS, COSMOS, NASTRAN, etc. (3) Motion: Working Model/Motion, COSMOS/Motion, etc. (4) Image Processing: MALAB/Image, Adobe/Photoshop, etc. (5) Interface: LABVIEW, etc. Miscellaneous: use any Object-Oriented languages to develop ME application tools.