Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
1419973 Elective Curriculum of Liberal Arts Education¡GPhilosophy 2.0 2
Description Philosophy is not only a fundamental subject with both ideals and practical value, but also an interesting thinking activity of depth. The topics it discusses concern some basic questions for we human beings and the world around us. These basic questions at least include: the universe, knowledge, equality and justice, morality, religion, language, mind, society, education, love, and life and death. Thinking things philosophically is to reflect upon these basic questions. The reflection of this sort leads us to understand not only the basic principles behind these questions, also the reasons and procedures of the possible solutions to these questions. Given philosophy is such an activity based on thinking and reflection, learning philosophy hence can help us grasp the required knowledge concerning ourselves and our living world, and more importantly, prepare a thinking ability and reflecting attitude that are needed for us to succeed in becoming responsible social citizen.