Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
1418013 Start to APP Design and Application 2.0 2
Description Learn the "Click and Drag" operation method, as like Microsoft Power Point, and adds some Low-Code, you can design and create: "Professional APP"! This course uses the cloud platform in the school: AgilePoint NX, which changes the mode of writing APP in the past, no longer needs to write complex code, let students focus on the logic flow of the APP and UI (user interface), and then close to the market requirement. This course uses the Taipei Tech Practical-Engineer training method: "From Theory to Practical": First explain the theoretical structure, and then extend to the practical application of the industry. Strictly ask the trainees to do it, and achieve the weekly set goals. The examples demonstrated by the lecturers in the class are very rich, and there will be a certain amount of Homework after the class. Through this systematic training, in the design and production of APP, we will have practical connotation and technology to enhance the competitiveness of students in coll