Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
1416015 Creative Designs of Paper Materials 2.0 2
Description Technical and vocational education in order to allow return "Practical and pragmatic" fundamental import energy industry, and strengthen industry cooperation and practice teaching to enhance implementation and experimental programs to strengthen basic academic abilities and humanities. "Culture and the paper application class group" with "paper culture" as the main, three branches of the core curriculum concept, integrating industry resources and professional teachers to jointly plan the course content, the paper foster expertise. This course is the core concept of "material properties" to strengthen technical and vocational students, especially the School of Design and the School of Humanities and Social taught basic subjects of the students 'ability to lay the technical and vocational students' professional ability points. By fiber and chemical changes begin to explore the differences in papermaking raw materials, and thus to distinguish differences in the type of paper, let the