Course Description

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1416008 Introduction to Marine Environmental Protection 2.0 2
Description The marine environment is an important part of mankind's survival and development of the natural environment, including marine waters, seabed and over the sea, the atmosphere, and is closely related with the ocean, and by the marine influence coastal and estuarine areas. Generation of marine environmental issues, people in the process of development and utilization of the ocean, without considering the capacity of the marine environment, underestimated the nature of the reaction, the marine environment are subject to different degrees of damage. The first is the discharge of pollutants to the ocean; followed by some unreasonable Coastal Construction, the serious impact to the marine environment; aquatic resources from over-exploitation, the indiscriminate logging Luancai mangroves, coral reefs, and also endangering the ecological balance. The presence of the above problems pose a serious threat to human life and production. For this reason, the issue of protection of the marine environ