Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
1416006 Green Technologies and Life 2.0 2
Description This course aims to introduce green technologies and their influences on human life in the 21st century. The contents consist of the most important topics about the clean energy and energy conservation technologies. The clean energy technology consists of wind energy, solar energy, hydraulic energy, earth interior energy, bioenergy, roadway energy, sound energy, fuel cell, electric vehicles, carbon recapture, and so on. The energy conservation technology consists energy save buildings, variable frequency air-condition, etc.. Green technology is the most important technology in the 21st century. It does not only influence the human ever life on the earth, but is also the unique road against the present global financial crisis. This course wishes people to care for and love the earth by way of understanding the green technologies. Moreover, this course hope to let more young people know the green technologies and really develop the green technologies in Taiwan.