Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
1415017 Workplace Ethics 2.0 2
Description All kinds of relationship involve ethic issue. There is learning ethic in school, while there exists workplace ethic in a company we need to understand and follow. Ethic of workplace is the relationship between individuals and organizations, meaning a social relationship of workplace. It involves several aspects, including correct work attitudes, values, and personal relationships. Workplace ethic involves ideas individuals and groups hold in workplace to judge right or wrong about behavior. Without correct or sound ethic in workplace may result in chaos or destruction of order among social networks, or offend the legal baseline. Thus, enterprise punishment cases equal negative examples for workplace ethic. By reasoning rules between personal interactions, and experiencing lawsuits, it allows to consider appropriate social interactions among individuals. Workplace ethic involves topics of manners, laws and communication skills. This course provides not only theoretical perspective