Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
1415004 Clash and Symbiosis of Globalization 2.0 2
Description Globalization tide sweeps across each field of human life in the21st century. National boundaries are disappearing. People are all the villagers in theˇ¨ global villageˇ¨, and have realized gradually that they have been influenced by other villagers no matter politically, economically, culturally or socially. This course is designed to further studentsˇ¦ understanding on globalization issue from the above-mentioned four angles, thus help them shape both countryˇ¦s development strategy and enterprisesˇ¦ management planning. The course content includes: Globalization and state sovereignty (national identity, functions of the state), globalization and international division (trans-corporation, distribution of interests), globalization and civilization conflict (cultural imperialism, nationalism), globalization and social risk (citizen's society, social safety), globalization and global governance (order- rebuilding, interests-encompassing).