Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
1415001 Introduction to Economics 2.0 2
Description The science of economics is characterized by logics and cautious reasoning-at which most of the students of natural science and technology are good at. It is also a fact that those who take better advantage of the right brain are very likely to be straightforward and thus seemingly more mechanical and unsympathetic. Economics can be seen as the mother of science under the condition that rational efficiency-as well as the socially humanity--are kept at the same time. As a matter of act, the economic trainings share the same goal as what is required by the General Education courses. The first priority of the course is to highly motivate the students in the economic issues. We do our best to avoid too much weight generally put into teaching economics, leading to poor learning and teaching experience. Cases are studied in such a way that students will recognize the "real purpose of studying." Real cases and examples are brought into discussion. We guide the students to"feel"the problems.