Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
1413005 Social Philosophy 2.0 2
Description The main reason for studying Social Philosophy is that within the context of society, a number of fundamental questions can be answered from a philosophical perspective. These include: justice, equality, human rights, freedom, citizen consciousness, market and morality, and the relationship between technology and morality, etc. Furthermore, our investigation is based upon philosophical knowledge such as Utilitarianism, Kantian moral philosophy, John Rawlsˇ¦ theory of justice, the debate of the idea of equality among Thomas Nagel, Ronald Dworkin, and Amartya Sen, etc. Given these issues are directly relevant to our well-being and benefits, to be informed social citizens, we need to have knowledge of this subject. Thus, we can know how the human society works, and being able to reflect upon these social issues that concern our personal interests and public welfare in an attempt of making good decisions for them.