Course Description

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1412021 Modern Taiwanese Warfare 2.0 2
Description Since modern times, due to the influence of wars, Taiwan has experienced different regimes and political systems, such as the Qing Empire, the Japanese Empire, and the Republic of China. The international situation, colonial rule, and defense of the country have triggered various wars. Wars have promoted changes in Taiwanˇ¦s politics, society, economy, and culture. Therefore, taking war as the main axis, understanding the importance of Taiwan's geographic position in the world, and the types of wars it caused, presents the various features of wars in Taiwan in modern times. Taiwan is an island located in the land-sea junction of the Western Pacific Ocean. In the changing tide of the world situation, Taiwan has shaped its unique war style and connotation. Furthermore, there are many military relics throughout Taiwan, and there are many national historical sites. Students can learn about the historical space of military relics and the importance of their cultural assets through the conte