Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
1411015 Love and Literature 2.0 2
Description The course to be taught to lead students know the love of ancient and modern literature; content encompasses poems, prose, fiction, drama, music, video works, etc., and will be conducted in a manner theme unit. From this, clear astringent taste ambiguous, fresh and moving, epic, unforgettable, deeply grieved and other types of love literature. In the process, the works convey mood, thoughts, aspirations, etc. to produce spiritual resonance. Thus to discover: In dust, there is no time and space to pass emotional estrangement, is matched heart. As the students is young, will start his life being so understanding of the course in addition to the love of ancient and modern literature, and our desire to make a real life connection. Thus thinking love, marriage, gender, home country, society, politics and other topics. Thus, the nature and essence of seeking love.