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1411011 Appreciation of Dream Literary in Pre - Qin Dynasty 2.0 2
Description Dream as human subconscious activity, due to its nature and can not grasp fantasy, making the dream itself is steeped in mystery. And dreams in many ways there are similarities with literary aesthetic, dreams and literary activities are a product of the human spirit, dreams unreal, fuzziness and hazy nature poetry, subtle nature similar to the dream is true reflection of people's feelings and awareness activities. "Book of Jin?Arts Biography" preface says: "Qiu Ming Chuan Syria demon dream to vertical text." Seen, "Zuo Zhuan" as a later dream literary representation. In these or by a detailed description or slightly reflected in the Spring and Autumn Period in all aspects of political and military struggle and princes literati rich inner world, and its peculiar Dreamland rich imagination, changing blurred, with high literary value, influence on later literature greatly. This course is designed that hopes to lead the students to read and enjoy, "Zuo Zhuan" Ikunori and "Dream" on the s