Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
1411009 The modern literature and cultural construction in twentieth century China 2.0 2
Description We arrange the course that is based on urban literatures, with issues about the race, culture and the construction of the modern world. The students in the course will be guided into a tour of discovery, which is summed up and initiated from ˇ§May 4th Movementˇ¨. The progress of course will be mapped out from ˇ§A History of Modern Chinese Fictionˇ¨ compiled by C. T. Hsia (®L§Ó˛M), and then the analysis from Leo Lee, and other writers, will be compared to exhibit the style and features of modern urban literatures. According to the theory of ˇ§Imagined Communitiesˇ¨ which is authored by B. Anderson, we will also explain the viewpoints from different cultures, and comment on the analyses to the race construction with varied points of view.