Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
1410238 French Culture and European Union 2.0 2
Description What is French Culture? For the French people, culture represents daily life, every minute and second the French is creating and weaving their culture, thus strengthening the symbol of French Culture and its identity. With the establishment and development of the European Union, France underwent a phase of decentralization and immigration; greatly influencing and changing the visage of 20the century French culture from before. Therefore, this course aims to stimulate discussion of the chapters through different subjects. Through this method, the students will be able to recognize and understand more about the diversity and formation of French culture; in addition, they will be capable of telling the differences between French culture and other cultures. During this course, the students are required to choose a subject to discuss and research. Note that in preparation of their final orientation, the information within must be based on photocopied texts or official websites in order to d