Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
1410229 Taiwanese Folk Religion 2.0 2
Description "Taiwanese folk religion" involves many dimensions, and it is one the most important applicable knowledge to local education. However, students in elementary and junior high schools still lack of the knowledge in this field. Therefore, the arrangement of lecture, camp, and religious construction regarding to the learning of Taiwanese folk religion is desirable. Hopefully, through all the effort, students could acquire more knowledge about Taiwanese folk religion, and share their learning experience on their daily lives. The main goal of the course is not only to improve the situation that our students have insufficient knowledge about folk religion, but also to help them apply the knowledge on the internet frequently. In addition, we will help students gain more information in this field and improve their learning quality of Taiwanese folk religion in Taiwan. This course include four fields: 1.The various gods that people believe in Taiwan 2.The Taiwanese custom and daily habits 3.The