Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
1410213 Philosophy of Mind 2.0 2
Description "Mind" is one of the major reasons that make human beings become the top species among all the living things; it is also the intrinsic feature that makes up our life experience. The reason is that, our mental activities which include thoughts, sensations, perceptions, consciousness, emotion, etc., are all certain kind of conscious acts or states. Therefore, the key to understand the mystery of mental activities is to know the issues of "Philosophy of Mind" This course will investigate a few critical issues in the study of human mind. For example, the nature of "mind", the relations among human mind and aforementioned mental activities or states, and the relationship between human mind and its physical features, etc. This course certainly engages disciplines such as philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience, etc. Therefore, this subject is entitled to be called a paradigm study that combines human, social, and natural science.