Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
1410202 Precalculus 0.0 1
Description With the purpose for improving the comprehension in fundamental mathematics for students who major in Engineering, and for building up solid background of Calculus for students' future training, it is planned to have this course. This 18 hours course aims at developing comprehension of basic mathematicsˇBactivating capabilities of LogicˇBstrengthening the abilities of computing with an emphasis on its application and diagramˇBfurnishing a basis for future specialty. The content includes: 1. NumbersˇBFunctions and Equations, 2. Inequalities, 3. Rectangular Coordinates, 4. Lines, 5. Quadratic Equations, 6. Exponents and Logarithms, 7. Trigonometric Functions , 8. Vectors.