Course Description

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1410200 Cinema and Music 2.0 2
Description Cinema is usually referred as the 8th art where music plays a significant part. It is always a big loss for film viewers to pay too much attention to the dramatic events of the movie story and to be ignorant of the music in films. If film viewers can be more aware of the function and implication of the music in them and think more over how the role of music plays, they no doubt should be touched more deeply. The music-composing in the films is rooted back in the days of silent movies. As soon as movies are equipped with audio sounds, music is placed synchronously with languages, which help to make movies more colorful and exciting. It is true that some music in the well-known movies is even considered to be "classical." With the rapid spread of audio-visual media, this particular type of music has become more popular. We will focus on this variety of music in this course. .