Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
1410192 Communication Management 2.0 2
Description The information exchange is wide, variety, and complicated in the e-era; how do people express their consciousness and behavior turn to become very important. Effective communication degrees usually are seen as the index of learning communication. It depends on thoroughly melting and sharing with fact, opinion, feeling, interesting and experience. Therefore, "Communication Management," in this course we emphasize on two key techniques of modern society learning including: effective communication with self-learning skill and method; Business knowledge and technology with interactive ability of human system. By using multimedia transmitting tools to complete self and group learning communication and get benefit.Course Subjects:1. Definition and essential element of Communication Management.2. Content analysis of Communication Management.3. Learn personal communication ability.4. Learn communication process.5. E-learning skill, method, and expression ability.6. Learn the technical tools