Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
1410189 Chinese Aesthetics 2.0 2
Description Aesthetics is the study of knowledge of perception of humans. Recent study of Chinese aesthetics focuses very much on the ideas of beauty, including basic concepts, scope and regularities, on which analytical and inferential research is performed to explicitly express what aesthetic principles imply through the representation of the modern language. The course is designed to introduce to the students the most typical achievements we have made in the past centuries on the Chinese aesthetics.1. Psychological factors that influence beauty, the fields of beauty and aesthetics2. The underlying ideology of beauty revealed by "Beauty" and "Virtue," when realized through the form of written language3. The cultural properties that are reflected by the choice of color in the ancient ceremonies on various occasions as well as in the art 4. The particular trend as is shown in the art of linear texts5. Other important issues on Aesthetics