Course Description

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1410188 An Introduction to Chinese Cultural and Historical Relics 2.0 2
Description With thousands of years of history, an immense supply of historical and cultural relics, which are bestowed with historical, artistic and scientific significance, have been passed down to us. These relics are found in emperors' palaces, in private houses or by way of archeological discovery. The course is designed to help modern people understand and cherish the cultural heritage, which is supposed to be shared by all the human beings. The course is jointly directed by more than a few instructors. Some of the topics include:1. Ceramics: How are ceramics wares made? What do the colors, decorations and appearance mean?2. Jade: What are the original materials to make jade wares? How are jade wares carved? What do the colors, decorations, forms mean? To what purpose are the jade wares made?3. Bronze Wares: How are the bronze wares made? What categories are there in the bronze wares? What do the carvings and engravings in the service utilities mean?4. Archaic Relics: What are some of the gr